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Mini Freestanding - Adjustable Feet

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Mini Freestanding - Adjustable Feet
Mini Freestanding - Adjustable FeetMini Freestanding - Adjustable FeetMini Freestanding - Adjustable Feet
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Brand:  Jaga


Ideal for spaces that involve large windows, conservatories, window seats and low walls.

The Mini Freestanding with adjustable feet is almost unrivalled in its flexible configuration and heat outputs.

It can be discreet; starting off at only 80mm high.

Despite its small proportions, the Jaga Mini Freestanding utilises itís award winning Low-H2O technology, with its quick reaction times and its cost savings. The Jaga Play contains 90% less water when filled than standard steel panel radiators, so heat up and cool down faster with no wasteful over-heating or demand on heating systems.

Itís delivered part pre-assembled for fast installation.

As well as Jaga Low-H2O technology used in Jaga Mini Freestanding units, which can also come fitted with Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE), provides two to three times more heating output and passive cooling at compact sizes.

Bulk Discounts Available.

We can arrange split deliveries to accommodate installation schedules or onsite storage limitations and reduce damage to finished goods.

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