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Desrad for Tailor Made Radiators Perfected for Your Space

Getting Every Client Tailor Made Radiators for High Efficiency

Have you ever looked at your space and wondered if you could get a high quality and stylish radiator? At, we are here to make your dreams come true. We are the primary supplier of Premium Quality radiators that use the latest technology, provide high-level responsiveness, and efficiency. 

All the designer radiators at are designed by Jaga Radiators, the number one manufacturer of heating radiators. Note that all the Jaga Radiators are built to order. When you place an order with, Jaga Radiators works in record speed to get your Tailor Made Radiator in record four weeks. 

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At Desrad, every effort is directed at ensuring clients get quality assurance from the product they buy. We have an impressive collection of trench heaters, vertical radiators, wall mounted radiators, single radiators, and double radiators. No matter the nature of your space, there is a perfect radiator for it at Desrad. 

Our radiators are designed using the latest technologies that guarantee high efficiency. If your space or room is wide, you should go for our radiators that come with fan assist to provide the radiators with a heating BTU boost. 

We stock a wide range of Jaga 2019 designer radiators that include Column Radiators, Towel rail Radiators, Low Surface Temperature (LST) Radiators, Freestanding Radiators, and Trench radiators. Jaga Radiators also craft a range of valves and accessories to match the radiators.   

Desrad Want to be Part of Your Success

For, the primary goal is to create a community of highly satisfied clients. That is why we have installed one of the best customer supports to ensure clients get prompt assistance. We also provide technical support to help our clients understand Jaga Radiators and optimize their efficiency. When you understand how a radiator works, we believe that you will be able to maintain it effectively. And, this is not all!

All the radiators at Desrad are priced competitively to ensure that everybody can afford. We follow most competitors to ensure that our online prices are the cheapest. Also, we offer bulk discounts and arrange split deliveries in order to accommodate your installation schedules or limitation to onsite storage. Do not let such limitations cause damage to your radiators; we got you covered.

Desrad has entered into a partnership with Jaga Radiators to simplify your journey of perfecting your space. Visit our page, to check the best radiator and place your order today.  


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