Jaga Vertical Radiators

Deco Space Single

Deco Space SingleFrom:  £557.15

Simple and Minimalistic Vertical Radiator

Deco Space Double

Deco Space DoubleFrom:  £1,114.52

Minimalistic Double Panel Radiator for Maximum Output

Iguana Aplano

Iguana AplanoFrom:  £528.66

Powerful, Stylish and Economical Curved Vertical Radiators

Iguana Aplano Plus

Iguana Aplano Plus

Stylish Flat Panel Vertical Radiator

Iguana Arco

Iguana ArcoFrom:  £555.50

Award Winning Stylish Vertical Radiator

Iguana Arco Plus

Iguana Arco PlusFrom:  £555.50

Award Winning Powerful and Stylish Vertical Radiator

Iguana Circo Wall

Iguana Circo WallFrom:  £581.24

Award Winning Wall Mounted Curved Designer Radiator

Iguana Visio

Iguana VisioFrom:  £768.79

Award Winning Stylish Vertical Radiator with integrated full length mirror

Iguana Visio Plus

Iguana Visio PlusFrom:  £768.79

Award Winning Powerful and Stylish Vertical Radiator Incorporating Full Length Mirror

Panel Plus

Panel PlusFrom:  £447.48

Minimalist, panelled design with flexible design installation configurations in vertical or horizontal available.


TetraFrom:  £825.44

Tall Vertical Column Radiator


VertigaFrom:  £1,151.70

Radical, Renewable and Stylish Vertical Radiator


The Jaga 2019 range of vertical designer radiators is ideal for in the kitchen and hallways where space can be very limited. Our vertical radiators look stylish and elegant, creating stunning visuals in your home and also offers an impressive large heat output without compromising on wall space.
These slim and tall radiators are available in various styles such as column radiators, tubes and flat panels as well as a more unique and modern designed radiator. From the narrow and to the full length mirrored design for hallways, our stunning range of upright radiators comes in a variety of colours, sizes and styles to choose from and will fit and match your decor seamlessly. These exciting, classy and stylish designs will cause a stir at parties and really give the rooms in your home the wow factor.
At Desrad.co.uk, we believe in affordable luxury and we work tirelessly price checking competitors’ to bring you the lowest prices for radiators online.
Let us help you find the perfect vertical radiators UK, please feel free to call us on 0208 242 1746 for any advice, help or to place an order.

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